Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Up with Kanye?

Speaking of passionate genius, I reported in the Examiner today about the Kanye West is dead hoax. I feel for the guy. I mean it. Kanye West is clearly a very talented guy and yet he also seems to be haunted by a dramatic sense of insecurity and it's been showing up increasingly in how he's acted in the most public of settings.

So here's the questions: Is it all an act? Or is this rap-superstar really fighting the kind of inner demons that are driving him to the edge? The music biz is a tough world, like any success-driven scene (and it's even rougher, if you don't know that who you are on the inside has nothing to do with whether people like you, respect you, or give a damn about you).

What do you think? Is Kanye one more casualty of his own success? Or can he pull it together and recover from his own faux pax and the rumors of his own demise?

And see, here's the deeper question:
(Because it's easy to judge the man from over here where I'm not dealing with what he is) If you were in Kanye's shoes, what would do to? How do you handle success? How do you approach it? What are your fears about your own success?

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  1. I think it's a show... or at least I'd like to believe that. At some deep down in my guy level though, it seems like the guy is like a wounded dude, you know?

    Makes me wonder, seriously, if I could handle "success" like that. It's that kind of stuff that I think I let get in my way. You know? I'll just stay comfy over here on my couch.

  2. While it might be some kind of an act, I think the guy is truly tormented. It's like he has no peace. I can totally understand because like the guy before me said, I don't think I could handle the kind of constant B.S. celebrities put up with. I do my music and art because I love it. But if that kind of crap came with it. I think I might take myself off from a tour too.

  3. You know it could be so easy to judge someone who's "made it" and is wealthy and all. But I haven't walked in this man's shoes. So how would I handle it? Can't say I'd do much better (if I'd do as well).

    It's true though - those concerns about the price of fame, helps me feel really content about playing the clubs I do. Get to play my music, and have appreciative fans, but no damned papparazzi. Thank you God!

  4. The only lack of peace Kanye has, is an inability to admit while he has earned financial success...he's completely lost a pursuit personal performance improvement. He had a few money people and a more than a few close people tell him he was a genius, and let it CHANGE him, rather than ENCOURAGE him. It's mostly an act, but an act for his "public character". The business in general FORCES one to choose how much the CHARACTER, is your WHOLE REAL self...up to each how much it's all worth. Bless him...but I don't think he's a genius - better beatmaker/producer than a performer, but that's me. Anyone, in ANY INDUSTRY, who "can't handle it' should be REMOVED, not allowed to continue WASTING that industry's resources and people.

  5. I am with you RBM... I think we let success change us for better or for worse... to lose our grip on reality or to step into our WHOLE SELF. Sounds like you are on the right path... and I wish you well as you take your music to the world!

    Peace to us all!