Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Access Unlimited Creativity

In my most recent articles in the Examiner How to Access Unlimited Creativity and Stimulating Your Creative Genius, I share some of the ideas and exercises that have evolved from research done by both "creative types" and scientists (also very creative) and my own work around the topic of creativity.

In this blog, I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences about the topic. When do you find yourself most creative. What do you do to access or stimulate the "muse?" Where do you think heightened creativity comes from? How is it, for instance, that the patent office reports nearly simultaneous submissions of paradigm-breaking patents from different people who have had no contact with each other?

The more we master creativity, it seems, the more we'll have the chance to generate great art and music, and solve some of the challenging problems of our age. What can we do to better support the process of creativity with each other?

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  1. I'm not sure where creativity comes from. That's always kind of tripped me out, actually. Ideas seem to pop into my head and I certainly have the sense at times that they come from somewhere beyond my brain. Glad I'm not alone in that experience.

  2. Well, I suppose – if seen from the perspective described in your article – it could be said that no idea truly is original, but rather, a new constellation of pre-existing intelligence…

    I don’t think there is a ‘higher high’ in the human experience than that of transcending one’s limitations; real as well as perceived limitations. The predicament of being stuck in a body (with its particular boundaries) while experiencing – or at least hoping for - the potential held by endless possibility out there in the ‘pool’ is, in my experience at least, the ultimate dichotomy.

  3. Love what both people have said here about transcending one's limitations and ideas popping into my head out of seemingly nowhere. The subject of creativity is one full of much subjectivity, because it seems to be such an individual experience much of the time. I've being reading about sleep state programming too and look forward to seeing what else comes up about that topic. It's a wonderfully useful method from what I read.

  4. Creativity is definitely available to everyone, I believe. But I think we have a lot in our heads that prevents us from "getting out of the box." (See, even that phrase is tired -- because maybe there isn't a box -- maybe the box is just an illusion created to make us think there's something to get out of in the first place.)

  5. Jerry, love your comment. I think you may just be right.

  6. Side note -

    The way you are using the concept of creativity in this post, Chris, makes me think of the way folks talk about spirituality, healing powers, and - in some cases - mystery (but you knew I would say something like that, didn't you).

  7. Hmmm, side note, noted.

    AEP, I hadn't quite thought of it like what you've just described (not out loud, anyway). I'm wondering if the possible difference (assuming there is a difference) between creativity, spirituality, healing powers and mystery, may be the form in which they manifest as opposed to the source from which they spring. In other words, what I'm calling the universal creative dimension (to make up a handy name) may be the source of all of those aspects and of the myriad of other ways it may manifest. Does that make sense?

  8. Indeed. Sense it makes. But that statement raises some more questions as well and spirituality and healing and the ability to feel and experience mystery also could be considered creative processes..... :-)

  9. I like where this discussion is going (because I agree with it, of course). But truly, I think the ability to create, to tap into the "muse" as Christopher has said, is a spiritual ability -- or one that comes from the same realm as magic, healing, mystery. And, as AEP says, our ability (and willingness) to feel and experience mystery and the unknown is essential if we are to truly be as creative as we have the potential to be.

  10. Just read your two articles on creativity. This is kind of out there. I mean, it seems like you know what you're talking about, but it's also kind of experimental thinking, isn't it? Are you saying this stuff actually works?

  11. Hey... just tried walking through the exercises for the second time. Got some great material both times for songs. I'm totally on this and am going to get my band working it too. Not sure it'll always come this easily, but I think it kind of opened up a floodgate or something.


  12. I'm interested to hear what you have to say about sleep-state programming. You mention that it's going to be in the next article. Our design team has used this technique for years and found it to be quite successful.

  13. Hey thanks for the sleep-state article. I'm passing this along to our other division. They thought we've been crazy all of this time because we tell them we make our designs up in our sleep.

  14. Glad to see someone publishing more about sleep-state programming as it applies to the creative realm. Most work on this topic has been dedicated to science and innovation. Nice work!

  15. Just came across this article series. Very heavy stuff, sir. I'm quite intrigued by the process and will definitely employ some of the approaches you suggest. Kind thanks!